Downloading a CSV file from your bank (with screenshots for ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, Westpac)

At IOCA we use Xero. Xero gets electronic copies of your bank statement data directly from the bank in the form of “Bank Feeds”.

Getting this data digitally creates one of the big time savings in Xero - neither of us has to enter this information into Xero by hand.

One of the tricks with Bank Feeds though is that we can only access data through them going forwards in time. We can’t access any bank transaction information before your Bank Feed was activated. This means past data either has to be entered by hand or the data is sourced from internet banking.

This is is why we may ask for your help - because only you have access to your online banking history.

Unfortunately, all the different banks have different methods for getting your transaction data out of internet banking. The guide below should help you do this if you belong to the major NZ banks.

How to do it

Each bank differs slightly so after the more generic instructions (which should help with most banks, not just these four) there are screenshots for each of the major banks that will show you exactly what you are looking for.

How to get CSV files from your bank:

  1. Log into your online banking
  2. Select the account you want to download a CSV for
  3. Find a “view statements” or “view transaction history” or similar tab and click on it
  4. Insert the date range we have asked you for
  5. Make sure you select the CSV option as the "Output" or "Format"
  6. Click "Export", "Save" or "Download" and the file will be saved to wherever your computer usually saves files
  7. Don’t open the file as you can corrupt it
  8. Now go into your email and set up an email to your client manager here at IOCA and attach the file and subject it “CSV files for IOCA”
  9. Send it to us :)

If you still have problems give us a ring to arrange some more hands on help - you can come to us or we can come to you.

Westpac Personal

Click on the account you want want to generate a CSV for.

Westpac Personal Online Banking account select screenshot

Click “Export Transactions”

Westpac Personal Online Banking export transactions screenshot

Select the date range required and ‘CSV dd/mm/yyyy’ format

Westpac Personal Online Banking export options screenshot

Westpac Business Online

Under ‘Balances and Reporting’ select “Export”

Westpac Business Online export select screenshot

Create a “New Export Profile”

Westpac Business Online Banking create export profile screenshot

Name the profile, the file to be generated (unimportant really), and select the format ‘CSV dd/mm/yyyy’.

Then select the relevant account and date range.

Click “Continue” and “Confirm” on the next page.

Westpac Business Online export profile confirmation screenshot


Under ‘Accounts’ look for the “Search/export options” button. Click this to dropdown the export options. Export a “Full CSV”

Kiwibank export select screenshot


Select Account that requires Exporting

Select Export, Top Right of page

BNZ export select screenshot

Select CSV format for export

BNZ export format select screenshot

Select the date range for the transactions required

BNZ export date range select screenshot

Review selected options and if this is correct then press “Export”

BNZ export confirm screenshot


Under accounts select “Search and Export”

ASB search and export select screenshot

Select the desired account, the date range for required transactions and ‘CSV - Generic’ format for export

ASB export options select screenshot